Working together for a safer Pembroke Pines

I’m committed to improving and maintaining the safety and well-being of Pembroke Pines. That’s why our police and firefighters are united in support of my candidacy. 

Having raised my family here, I understand just how important it is to feel secure in our own communities. Our Pembroke Pines law enforcement and first responders are working hard to keep us safe every day. And as Mayor, I’ll make it a priority to make sure they have the resources they need to continue doing that. 

I’ve got a specific plan to improve public safety in Pembroke Pines: 

  • Strengthening Law Enforcement Capabilities: I’m dedicated to ensuring that our law enforcement agencies are well-equipped and well-trained to face the challenges of crime prevention. Modernizing our policing technology and ensuring continuous, up-to-date training for our officers are necessary to keep pace with the changing landscape of public safety.
  • Crime Prevention and Intervention Initiatives: Proactive measures are key to tackling criminal activities before they occur. This involves bolstering programs for our youth, enhancing mental health support, and engaging in comprehensive community outreach to address the underlying causes of criminal behavior.
  • Engaging the Community in Safety Efforts: The involvement of our residents is crucial in maintaining the safety of our city. I’m committed to fostering active community participation through initiatives like neighborhood watch programs, public forums, and consistent community meetings.

As we work towards a safer Pembroke Pines, your voice and support are invaluable.

Together, we’ll create a safer, more secure future for our community.