Our vision for Pembroke Pines

This past May, we started our journey together following my announcement to run for Mayor of Pembroke Pines. Today, with about 110 days left until Election Day, I feel humbled, grateful and optimistic. Thanks to your support, our campaign is on a path to victory, but there’s more work to do to achieve the vision we share for Pembroke Pines. 

Since we launched the campaign, we’ve come together to discuss the issues that really matter to our community. 

My commitment to serving Pembroke Pines is stronger today than ever. I’m ready to lead our city into the future by championing the key priorities which you, as residents, have asked me to pursue:

Your support has been the backbone of this campaign. As we move forward, your continued involvement is all the more important. We need your voice, your ideas, and your enthusiasm to carry our message forward.

Thank you for being part of this team. Together, let’s keep building towards a better and brighter future for the city we call home; Pembroke Pines.