Our vision for Pembroke Pines

This past May, we started our journey together following my announcement to run for Mayor of Pembroke Pines. Today, with about 110 days left until Election Day, I feel humbled, grateful and optimistic. Thanks to your support, our campaign is on a path to victory, but there’s more work to do to achieve the vision […]

Building Economic Prosperity in Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines is considered one of South Florida’s premier shopping and economic destinations. Much more than a highly desirable residential community, our city is a place where diverse talents and boundless economic opportunities merge. This variety of business activity is essential to our quality of life and upholds our financial ability to provide high quality […]

Ensuring a Safer Pembroke Pines: Together, We Can Make a Difference

Our beloved city has always been a vibrant and wonderful place to call home, but I believe that we can make it even safer and more secure for all residents. Throughout my years of dedicated service to this community, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside our law enforcement agencies, community leaders, and citizens like […]