The Sierra Club endorses our vision for the future

We have some exciting news. The Sierra Club has officially endorsed our campaign and our vision to build a more sustainable and environmentally responsible Pembroke Pines!  As one of the nation’s leading environmental organizations, the Sierra Club’s endorsement underscores our commitment to building a healthier city. And it highlights our dedication to protecting our environment […]

The Fraternal Order of Police just endorsed our campaign!

We have some exciting news! The Florida State Fraternal Order of Police, District 5, has officially endorsed our campaign.  The Fraternal Order of Police recognizes our commitment to public safety. Their endorsement reinforces our mission to work towards a Pembroke Pines that continues to prioritize the safety and security of our community.  I’m proud to […]

Proudly Endorsed by Pembroke Pines’ Firefighters! 

I am thrilled to share some exciting news as we head into this pivotal phase of our campaign.  The Professional Fire Fighters of Pembroke Pines, IAFF Local 2292, have officially endorsed our vision for the future of our city. These talented first responders dedicate their lives to ensuring our safety and well-being, and their support […]